At Rey's bro, all knives are unique. The designs of our knives all come from our universe, inspired by the world of tactic, cinema, comics and video games. We do our best to offer you something different.  

The knives are first drawn on paper, to serve as templates for a first prototype. Then comes the coarse trimming carried out manually with a angle grinder and the final trimming, drilling, grinding, scales making and heat treatments (for carbon steel) as well as the finishes handmade in our workshop in France.

We work with Pyrénées-Tac, allias P.TAC for the production of customised kydex sheath. We attach particular importance to the design of our sheath and the work of P.TAC fully meets our expectations, whether it is a term of quality, finishes or efficiency. All the sheath are handcrafted by him, moulded one by one on each blade, which gives you the guarantee of a unique and original set. Most of the sheath are compatible with different types of clips such as the ulticlip, the tek-lok, the molle-lok or a soft loop fastener for a wide choice of carry.

Heat treatments for stain

less steel are carried out by specialists, with a cryogenic treatment to achieve the maximum capacity of the steel in terms of hardness. All our blades are tested one by one and a hardness certificate is issued for each batch.